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New fic: Potential

This is my first non-B5 M/I fic... be kind. It was written basically in a couple evenings to get it out of my system.

Show: Stargate SG-1

Spoilers: Uh, if you live in on LOST Island.
Rating: All ages.
Crossposted to daniel_vala and FF.net.

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Hope you enjoy it!
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Bad Scifi cliches must die!

This blog has a few posts of note to read...

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How ever his hate for B5 is a bit much...
My fan Fic - All B5 M/I non-slash

New ficlet

Lunchtime - Marcus and Zack discuss Lyta (and Ivanova) over lunch.

This is the first chapter of a Thirdspace fic I might never finish, but this first part is so good I think it holds up on it's own. I might add to it i the future, but don't go holding your breath or you'll die.
My fan Fic - All B5 M/I non-slash

New fic

I wrote this for fondued_jicama in the babficathon. I have it up on FF.net, but I need something on my stinking page, so I'll put it here too.

Babylon 5: I/M, No sex, no slash, not really even any bad words - Sorry! I think you'll all like it though. It's a cute little what if...

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My fan Fic - All B5 M/I non-slash

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